Blonde hair

Troy Mattel

Name: Troy Mattel

District: 8

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Personality: Kind, but cynical. Hates the carrers. Only cares about his friends, and will do anything for them, very loyal.

Backstory: His Mother was a middle class worker, on low wages, and his father was a gambler. Troy grew up on the streets, because his mother died in child birth, and his father was brutally murdered because of an unpaid debt. He joined a "pack" of children whose parents had also died, and they lived together, sharing everything. Growing up on the streets, he became a master of blending in, and stealing. He is quick and nimble. Troy volounteered as tribute for his "younger brother", Kieran, who was reaped.

Height: 5'9

Appearance: He is average/tall, with short dirty blonde hair. He has blue/green eyes, and tan skin.

Weapon: Knives, or any kind of small blade.

Strengths: Quick on his feet, very knowledgable

Weaknesses: Afraid of heights, can't kill young children (He finds if inhumane, and just plain wrong, and they remind him of his adopted brothers and sisters back in District 8)

Fears: Spiders

Interview Angle: Funny guys

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab something that may be useful, and run like hell. Get as far away from the carrers as possible, and hide out for a while. Perhaps find some allies.

Token: A charm that belonged to his mother. It has seen him through the tough times, and will hopefully give him strength to make it back home.

Alliance: Anyone who could be useful, just not careers.