Ranger Sage
200px-Ranger Sage
Age 14
Occupation Tribute
Home District 7
Gender female
Height 5"8
Weapon Dagger,Axe
Fate Alive
Appearances HG Wiki,HGRP Wiki, HG Tribute wiki
Portrayed by Ranger Sage

Name: Ranger Sage


Gender: Female


Weapon: Dagger,Agility,Hand-to-Hand combat,Axe,

Strength(s): Climbing,Running,Agility

Weakness(s): Swimming,To Loyal,Blood

Personality: Kind,Spunky,Knows how to make people smile/Laugh

Backstory: She lives as Middle Class, When she was 3 years old she accidently killed a rabit and since then she was afraid of blood and such, When she was 5 her brother Died, He had a heart attack, When she was 10 she enterned a running contest and won! She has been training by Running,Climbing,She is felxible.

Appearance: In the top

Fears/Phobia: She is afraid of Blood, And Claustrophbia

Romances in the arena: yes

Rough Training score: About 9-7, around there

Token: She has a braclet of her family members name

Alliance outlines: About 3-5 members, Districts 12,6,3

Interview Strategy: Be kind,Kinda quiet answer all questions in Sentences

Bloodbath Strategy: Run grab bag maybe Axe and leave