Natacha Leonary

Name: Natacha Leonary

District: 9

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Personality: Keeps to herself a lot. Kind hearted, and shy.Very loyal, will do anything for her friends.

Backstory: Natacha's Mother was a victor of a previous Hunger Games, and her Father is a Peacekeeper in District 9. She had a sheltered life, growing up. Never really had many friends. Until, one day, she met Saphron, during her martial arts class. They got along well, and have been friends since then. At their first reaping, the girls stood in line, and Saphron's name was called. Natacha voulenteered as tribute, because she couldn't stand to lose such a close friend.

Height: 5' 4

Appearance: Short. Long brown hair, usually in a ponytail, Brown eyes.

Weapon: Slingshot, Bow and arrows

Strengths: Nimble (Meaning she can climb), Good at finding uses out of things.

Weaknesses: Scared of the dark, Can't swim.

Fears: Drowning

Interview Angle: Sweet and Innocent.

Bloodbath Strategy: Get the hell out of there, and hide. Perhaps grab something when no-one is watching.

Token: Hair pin that her Mother took into the arena. Who knows, it could be lucky.

Alliance: Anyone. Even careers if possible.