Cherri Pinewood is a district 7 Female, She hasn't competed in any games yet.. But if she is She will be strong and try to win! She loves to make friends and Stuff, But in THG she will try to make friends but she will be careful with them so they don't back stab her in the back.. She loves cat's she has one in her house, She loves to climb and loves to do like; Cartwheels,Running,Agility,Etc., She has to friends in District 7 named; Nikki Stevens and Taylor Reed(That's a boy)

(Made by Ranger1434)Edit

Name: Cherri Pinewood


Gender: Female

Weapon(s): Axe,Small Dagger,

Weakness(s): Swimming,Blood,She is too loyal

Strength(s): Hand-To-Hand Combat,Climbing, Agility

Personality: Nice,Sweet,Spunky, Makes Peple Laugh,Tomboy

BackStory: When she was 3 her favourite cat died, So she went outside to look for a new one, She caught this kitten and calls it Baxter, She still has that kitten.. When she was 10 she decided she likes the outdoor and likes to get herself messy, So she decided to be a tomboy, She now wear's her hair in a ponytail everywhere and wears just regular clothes, If she get's reaped she wil try to win!

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