These are the Chat Policies

Hi I'm Ranger right now! We have 1 Mod but 2 more soon. If you want chat you need to Follow these simples rules!


Don't: Be Rude or harrasing people, Don't be homophobic etc. These will count as a 1 warning, Then a Kick a ban. Once you get banned 3 times you will be Perma-Banned, Sockpuppets will be automatically banned. And The admin might have to block the IP address.

Do: Be nice. Stop fight's and be Civil. If you follow these Rules correctly you will be First. Rollback(Unless you past rollback) Chat Mod. Then Admin (You have to be Mod first to be Admin, Unless you bypass everything)

Thanks for your time :)

I <3 Nerds ~Ranger 23:17, October 22, 2012 (UTC)