Spiky black haired guy ;3

Axel Jessuah (Haha, sorry his hair looks different to the desription, but this is what I meant)

Name: Axel Jessuah

District: 11

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Personality: He is headstrong, but quiet. He is kind to most, but if you mess with him or his family and friends, you're in trouble. He is loving, when you get to know him, but keeps a cold exterior, so no-one can get close to him, and hurt him again. He takes things seriously, and doesn't like violence.

Backstory: Axel grew up an inncoent and loving boy. His parents and friends were his everything. Until one day, when his Father started being abusive. He would yell insults to Axel, and hit his Mother. Axel would train daily with knives and swords, in the hope that he could one day stand up to his Father, and stop the violence. One day, Axel's mother was almost killed, and had to be taken to the local healer. It was that day Axel finally lost it. Axel ran home from the healer's house, to find his Father passed out on the kitchen floor, reeking of alcohol. Axel was so angry, he grabbed a near-by, empty bottle, and smashed it over his Father's head. He continued this, until he had let out all of his anger, and was filled with sadness. Axel now has anger issues.

Height: 5'11

Appearance: Axel has spikey, black hair, and piercing green eyes. He is tall, and slim, kind of lanky.

Weapon: Knives and swords.

Strengths: Running, hiding, climbing, hand-to-hand combat, knive throwing.

Weaknesses: Swimming, has a short temper, archery.

Fears: Careers, drowning.

Interview angle: Smart guy.

Bloodbath strategy: Grab something that looks useful, then flee, and try not to get killed.

Token: A charm that belonged to his Father, before Axel killed him.

Alliance: No-one.