Amber Kingly

Name: Amber Kingly

District: 7

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: Keeps to herself, very shy, but kindhearted.

Backstory: Amber's parents abandoned her, so, she has never met them. She was left at an orphanage, were she was abused regularly. She has tried to escape District 7 many times, almost succeding once, but, of course, the Peacekeepers kept bringing her back to the hell that had become her home. She when she was reaped, no-one voulenteered.

Height: 5' 6

Appearance: Average height, long brown hair, brown eyes.

Weapon: Spears, knives

Strengths: Hiding, sneaking around

Weaknesses: Can't swim. Bad at hand-to-hand combat

Fears: Burning or drowning to her death.

Interview angle: Shy, sweet

Bloodbath strategy: Find some allies and supplies, hide.

Token: A silver ring, that was left with her when she was found on the orphanage doorstep

Alliance: Anyone who could be useful.